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Traditionally, an ad agency will run your google text ads straight to your website and charge you for a fee. Everything else is on you. At Beem Digital we’re different; and we like it that way. Beem digital uses the most advanced big data providers (previously only available to fortune 500’s) to run end to end marketing campaigns that meet your KPI whether it is top of funnel or closing more deals.

We analyze the market using artificial intelligence within our platform to identify by name your most ideal customer. We then take that data and compare it with your current customer list. Using Predictive modeling and advanced algorithms, build a custom people-based audience to advertise to in all channels like Facebook, Instagram, google and the greater web. This Data driven approach reduces the cost to acquire a customer for our clients by up to 70% in some instances.

If someone within your local area is search in for a dentist, a new vehicle or seeking medical treatments, our AI technology platform will capture them on our audience that we can then serve them ads they ACTUALLY want to see in an omni presence state.

Digital Media Services

Data driven results that actually matter

You don’t need more impressions or generic clicks. You need to get in front of your ideal customer and show the value that you can serve them. We deliver media in the form of Facebook ads, native ads, video, display and re-targeting campaigns. Serving ads to only an in-market audience means more results for you and less money spent in advertising.

Digital Media Services
Multi-Location Services map 1

Multi-Location Services

Targeting people down to the building they visited

Serve ads to individual people that had visited your competitors location. Using this type of Geo con-questing is something that non of your competitors have the ability of doing. By targeting down to coordinates within 10 feet, we are able to create an omni channel re-targeting campaign. So if a potential customer visited your location but didn’t buy, we can then follow them around on the web and give value until they do turn into a paying customer.

We enable companies to more MORE money through
Behavioral People Based Marketing and beautiful landing pages.

Right Keywords-Right Ads

Right Keywords, Right Ads,
everywhere on the web

We let your marketing campaign follow
across device and channels to turn
impressions into sales.
Obsessive Landing

Crazy Landing Page Testing

Pair our Multi channel approach with
high-end designed landing pages that
help you increase your conversion rates.


Quality Traffic

Targeted Traffic

Not all traffic is good. Your ads only
Show up to people that are in-market
for your services.

Fair Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We both Omni Channel marketing for clients
and typically charge 20% less than agencies
offering the same services.

Complete Ownership

Owned Creative

We believe in the right thing. no matter what
happens you always own all design, ads
and creative we build for you.

Social Advertising 1

People-Based Social

Targeting real people across all major social
channels like Facebook and Instagram,
we’ve got you covered.

Custom Reporting

Tailored Reporting

Follow your visitors that never converted
across the entire web through display,
video, audio and native ads.

Display - Retargeting Ads

Re-targeting Precision

Bring back lost conversions and
attract brand new ones at lower costs
than other channels.

Conversion Copywriting

Proven Copywriting

All copy is done from our college
professionals and written to optimize
conversions and sales.

Competitor Intelligence 1

Competitor Intelligence

We analyze what keywords, ad verticals
and landing pages the competition pushes.
We’ll make sure we crush them.

Robust Call Tracking 1

Robust Call Tracking

Find out how calls are handled internally
with your sales team through call
tracking and recordings


Omni-Channel Ads

Give your customers your tailored message
and a unified experience across all
channels including native.
Conversion Tools

Conversion Tools

both in-house and software tools are used
to figure out how to improve conversions.
combine with CRO and A/B Split testing.
People Based Modeling

People Based Modeling

We model your customer data and compare it
with the whole USA Population. We’ll then figure
out exactly what your ideal customer looks like.

Optimized Landing Pages to Convert

We always use hand built landing pages that are focused on conversions and worthy of showing off.

Take Your Client’s Marketing to the Next Level

Upload audience data 1

Upload Audience Data

We ingest your current customer list and any 1st party data you might have. Using proprietary software we will tap into Data Partners and sample the list to model it against the entire adult U.S population.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

The software then creates a custom audience using predictive people based modeling. Comparing to a database of over 240 million users, it takes a fraction of time to model, typically within hours.

Score Everyone


Once our segment is done, the entire database is scored to find your more ideal customer. Using our software, an audience people-based list is then created that we can then advertise to.

Cross-Channel Activation

Cross-Channel Activation

Using an Omni-channel approach, we can have your targeting message then follow around your most ideal customer cross device before they know they’re your future customer. This includes, desktop, phone, tablet, and TV.

Founder @ BeemDigital
Ben Gheliuc

"At Beem, we use advanced data and market your company to only in-market
prospects. Attracting specific people maximize the return on your ad campaign, compared
to paying for blind impressions having no merit or gravity to your company.