Your call-to-action copy is just as important as the button itself, and even minor changes can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. This case study is a perfect example of how little it sometimes takes to get a major lift. By changing one word in the call-to-action, I was able to increase conversions by 38.26% on a B2B site.


The client has asked to be anonymous, but I can tell you that it’s a Danish client I work with on a regular basis.

They have a portal through which businesses can find offices for rent. The site features thousands of offices that potential customers can browse through. Once a prospect finds a relevant office, they have to click on the main call-to-action (located on all pages) in order to get more information on the lease sent via e-mail.

This means that clicking the CTA is the main conversion goal, and every extra click potentially means money in the bank.

The Test

I had already conducted a number of experiments – focusing on button color and shape – that led to a dramatic increase in conversions. With the button itself in place, it was time to experiment with a copy.

After 4 years of testing CTA copy, my main observation is that the more value you can convey via your button copy, the more conversions you’ll get. I decided to test this theory in its purest form by changing the copy from “Order information” to “Get information”.

The hypothesis being that “Order” emphasizes what you have to do – instead of what you’re going to get. Whereas “Get” conveys value as it emphasizes what you’re going to get – rather than what you have to do to get it.

I set the test up as a simple A/B with a 50/50 split between variations and let it run till we reached a sample size of 195 conversions and a statistical confidence level of 99%.

Here’s an example of an office page and the two variations of the button copy:

The translation of the Danish CTA copy is located right under the button image.


The Results

The Treatment outperformed the Control variant by 38.26%. The button is featured across thousands of pages, so imagine the accumulated impact and potential ROI of changing this one word.

Main Takeaways

I may be repeating myself here, but button copy is just as important as the button itself. Your call-to-action represents the tipping point between bounce and conversion. And in that last critical last moment where your potential customers have to make up their minds, the copy itself is what they’re going to interact with.

Over the years I’ve performed dozens and dozens of experiments split testing button copy, and I’ve consistently achieved lifts of anywhere from 5 – to 200% by simply tweaking the words.

Learn to write call-to-action copy that converts

I recently posted a 6-minute how-to video on writing high-impact button copy. In the video, I’ve distilled 4 years of research into 1 simple optimization principle that anyone can use to get more clicks and conversions. Watch the video and learn about CTA copy here >>
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