Want a better sign-up form that captures more leads and emails? If so, you’re in luck!

I’m offering you the opportunity to get your sign-up form optimized free of charge. Keep reading to find out how.

A little background information on sign-up form optimization

If you read ContentVerve.com on a regular basis, you know that I’ve done quite a lot of optimization and testing on various types of sign-up forms.

In many cases, it only takes a few simple tweaks to increase sign-ups significantly. Here’s an example of test I where a simple headline tweak was enough to increase conversions by 31.54%.

On the other hand, optimizing your forms can be quite tricky, and it’s crucial that you make certain that your optimization efforts actually have the desired effect on conversion.

Here’s an example from a series of tests I ran where two different versions of a privacy policy had a dramatically different impact on sign-ups.

One privacy policy reduced sign-ups by 18.70%, and the other increased sign-ups by 19.47%.

Why am I offering free optimization? 

I need a handful of fresh case studies on sign-up form optimization that I can share publicly. Unfortunately, not all my clients are super keen on sharing their test data.

For this reason, I’m offering a deal where I’ll perform tests and optimize your sign-up form free of charge – IF you let me use the tests and results as case studies that I can use here on ContentVerve.com, in presentations, and in other material like e-books and white papers.

How the contest works/terms of participation 

I’m going to pick out 2 landing pages/websites that I find suitable for testing and optimization. I will announce the winners next week via the ContentVerve newsletter.

In order for your form to qualify, there are a few things it must live up to:

– Your form must be placed on a landing page that gets at least 10.000 visitors a month (or be placed globally on a website that gets at least 10.000 visitors a month)

– Your website or landing page must be in English

– Your CMS must be flexible enough to allow the installation of javascript tracking code on pages that are part of the test. If you use WordPress, implementing code can be done easily by installing a plugin

Submit your sign-up form by shooting me an email: michael@contentverve.com

Please include a little background information on your website, the purpose of the sign-up form, and how much traffic the landing page/website gets.

Deadline: Tuesday, August 27th, 2013.

Remember: the deal is that in return for optimizing your sign-up form, you’ll let me use the tests and results as case studies.

Thanks – and I look forward to having a closer look at your sign-up form!

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You'll find him battling Darth Vader dolls with his kids and the next hour diagnosing CRO for an Enterprise Company. You'll find him battling Darth Vader dolls with his kids and the next hour diagnosing CRO for an Enterprise Company.

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