Testimonials can be an effective tool for overcoming friction. However, there are several factors you need to consider if you want the full impact of your testimonials. Placement is one of them.
Here’s an interesting little case study where changing the placement of reader testimonials on an ebook landing page increased downloads by 64.53%

Background info

I recently published a free ebook on conversion optimization called 7 Universal Conversion Optimization Principles. I decided to create a whole landing page for the book rather than just using a pop-up or banner to pitch the download.

Craig Sullivan, Peep Laja, Oli Gardner and Marcus Sheridan all read the book, and I decided to get a quote from each of them that I could use on the landing page to add credibility and further motivate visitors to download the book.

The control variant

On the control variant, I placed all four reader testimonials right under the sign-up form.

The idea being that testimonials have the most impact when positioned in close vicinity to the call-to-action.


The treatment 

For the treatment, I decided to place two of the testimonials higher on the page, so they would assume a more prominent position.

The idea being that first-time visitors who aren’t familiar with ContentVerve.com need an extra nudge, in the form of social proof, to make the right decision.

I decided to give Marcus Sheridan’s testimonial the most prominent position as it really sells the book well and reinforces its value. Here’s the testimonial:

“A book like this could easily be sold for a lot of money. But Michael has elected to give it away. All I can say is WOW…. and get it today.”


Test hypothesis 

Moving two testimonials higher on the page will add credibility and prompt more visitors to download the book.

Research question

Which variant will generate most downloads – the control with the testimonials placed lower on the page, or the treatment with two testimonials placed higher on the page?


The test data confirmed the test hypothesis as the treatment generated a substantial lift of 64.53% in downloads.

The placement of your testimonials can have a major impact on the decisions and actions of your potential customers.

When using testimonials on a landing page, you need to consider which placement will best support the decision-making process of the prospects and help build momentum towards the call-to-action.

In this case, placing two of the testimonials higher on the page, in the first screenful, had a positive impact on visitors and helped motivate them to download the book.

Moreover, just because something is free, it doesn’t mean that people will automatically want it. The internet is swamped with free stuff – especially ebooks – and your prospects have to agree that your ebook is worth giving up their email for.

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