Predyctive operates in 100% transparency with all of its clients that they do business with. Because of this, for larger scopes we break down exactly what our internal services look like and what the costs look like. We do this for the integrity we feel is necessary but also looking within the digital advertising space.

The purpose for this breakdown is to pull down the curtains of our internal processes and find out what funds are allocated where. Typically for smaller contracts this is not provided, but for good faith we wanted to provide a detailed scope breakdown.

We will also go over how costs are impacted in the event that we decide to scale up campaigns and fully utilize your budget. The following reasons it is broken up this way is so that as you decide to increase the ad spend on what we find to be “winning” campaigns (in terms of ads, creative and copy), we can account for the increased time it takes to ensure your marketing budget is always well spent.

Below you will find the associated service and whats included within that.

Web Designers

Our web designer cost is associated with the manpower required to develop Blog style website landing pages to capture clicks and viewers that are in the market for your specific services. They also are responsible for creating landing pages, and working hand in hand with copywriters.

This ensures that the intent of anyone visiting a landing page not only coincides with good design but their CTA intent is clear and concise. Web designers will handle any custom CSS, HTML, PHP of JS scripts we need to implement as well. A clear example is adding javascript for FOMO (fear of missing out) tools, that lead to higher conversions.

Graphic Designers

These designers are responsible for the creative we use within our campaigns. If we are launching multiple campaigns (depending on what the budget will allow) they work on banner ads, facebook ads, explainer promo videos, high design graphics within landing pages, and more. They make sure that all creative work flows with the current branding you have in place.

Landing Page Automation

Landing page automation consists of the tools and software associated with creating multiple funnels. If a client only has one marketing funnel the fee is waived. However, if the campaign is hitting multiple vertical on multiple ad channels, much more space for funnel creation is needed and therefore has a cost associated with it.

Follow Up Automation

The tools we primarily use here are piesync and Zapier. When a marketing campaign includes high volumes of traffic, we capture it all and follow up with them as thoroughly as possible. As soon as a lead is sent to you or your call center, Predyctive pushes that lead into an aggressive followup sequence that includes multiple touch-points of the brand daily for 3-5 days after they submit a form.

Part of this inclusion is the setup and maintenance required to ensure all follow up steps are active. This is not a one time setup and we walk away. Monitoring and ongoing updates is required here. To correctly setup and manage our custom follow up sequences, a web professional is required to be assigned to this as it is not newbie friendly. Parts of this follow up include: Voicemail drops, SMS, call forwarding, and lead form tracking.

Email Marketing

Along with the follow up sequences put in place, email marketing is a crucial part of nurturing all leads that come in. With a custom email marketing campaign, we can actively engage leads to read our emails that come to them via our Email Drip campaign.

We work with you to find out how long we want this campaign to be and if there are any legal stipulations we can or cannot include within emails the leads receive.

CRO Optimization

Conversion rate Optimization is another critical step in the process of utilizing our clients budgets to their fullest potentials. Split testing of landing pages, headlines, CRO software (eg, optimizely), graphics and other things all go into this portion of work.

We continuously test what our paid media is seeing and how we can get them to better engage and ultimately convert into a paying customer.


Professional copywriters are required in any successful campaign, but it is especially crucial when large budgets are being managed. The copy that a visitor sees can either make or break the engagement given. Ads they clickthrough from need to be fluid with the message that is being delivered. What they see on an ad or banner needs to line up with the message that is delivered on all landing pages.

Our Copywriters work hand in hand with the graphic designer and web designer to make sure a campaign is always setup for success.

Analytics Analyst

We break this out as a separate portion of work because in our 19 combined years of paid media, if analytics are not given the proper attention, then you are wasting money on advertising. A dedicated portion of continuous monthly time should always be given to both analyze all data that is paid for but, also identify new segments that could be looked over.

On multi-channel campaigns, this becomes increasingly difficult because all metrics that ad networks report out are different. Time is needed to ingest that data and calculate the KPI’s that matter most, and that’s if you are making MORE money.

Data Contingency

When running a local city or state campaign, data costs are pretty well calculated. However, when running an omni-channel campaign nationwide, the cost to acquire your in-market audience can range in expense. This is why in addition to our normally quoted data Audience Engineering breakdown we include a potential contingency.

If data costs less than what we have anticipated and contingency is not spent, the funds in excess from the contingency will be spent on paid digital media.

Campaign Management

The scope of what is what industry standard looks at as a “percentage of ad spend”. Historically, traditional PPC companies would just do adwords text ads, set them up, and then manage a fixed monthly budget. The agency would then just take a percentage of that spend and account that as their own fee for company margin.

Here at Predyctive, we do things differently. When we say we provide an end to end marketing solution, we keep out commitments. We take responsibility for the entire marketing of the scope we have included. This means :

  • Uploading In-market audiences weekly or multiple times a week on every ad network and creating associated look alike audiences
  • Re-launching campaigns weekly given new audience and data is refreshed. Daily Monitoring of ad spend and campaign performance
  • Analyzing split tested ads, banners, videos and more
  • An account manager to communicate with all other team members to  identify what portions of work needs to be improved.
  • Bi-weekly Calls with the client (twice a month to review performance and KPI’s)
  • Management of all scope given with contract.
  • Adjusting campaigns on Facebook, google, Programmatic DSP’s,
  • Audio ad networks, DBM and more as needed.
  • When starting a new campaign, the first 90 days is always the hardest. The largest amount of  work is involved but also the largest areas for reward and ROI are found.

Ben Gheliuc

Founder @BeemDigital

Ben is an Avid digital marketer that loves geeking out on Marketing Campaigns, PPC and SEO. With over 6 years of industry experience, he's been able to stay ahead of the curve on exactly what works to always deliver an ROI.

You'll find him battling Darth Vader dolls with his kids and the next hour diagnosing CRO for an Enterprise Company. You'll find him battling Darth Vader dolls with his kids and the next hour diagnosing CRO for an Enterprise Company.

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